Brow and Forehead Lift Annapolis

The eyes are often the first place to show signs of aging and the brows are a crucial component to the overall appearance of the eyes.  In cases where low brows are causing the eyes to look puffy and tired, a brow lift is recommended.  Many patients lift their brows subconsciously to reduce heaviness on the eyelids, causing wrinkles to appear in the forehead.  The constant effort can also cause headaches and forehead fatigue.  Surgery to lift the brow may be combined with eyelid lift surgery. In lieu of a brow lift, brow elevation using Thermage® may offer a less aggressive and excellent alternative to surgery.

There are several approaches to correct the brows and forehead.  An endoscopic brow lift is most often recommended for those requiring surgery, when the forehead anatomy allows.  ThermaCool™ by Thermage® is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique used when a less dramatic lift is needed.  Please see the ThermaCool™ by Thermage® page for more information.

What to Expect:
A surgical brow lift elevates the eye brows away from the eyes, tightens the forehead, and smoothes the frown area permanently.  As with any surgery, swelling and bruising may occur and usually subsides within the first week or two.  Serious complications are rare.

A non-surgical brow lift is performed using ThermaCool™ by Thermage®.  It is an in-office procedure that produces a subtle, immediate result that continues to evolve and improve over the ensuing six months.  Thermage® involves no downtime and has very rare, if any, side effects.

Brow and forehead surgery may be combined with eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty); laser skin resurfacing, Botulinum and dermal filler injections, and face lift surgery as appropriate.

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