Adoro Medical Spa, located at the Center for Eye and Laser Surgery in Severna Park, Maryland, offers a fat reduction treatment known as Liposonix. This method of body fat reduction is most notable for being a completely non-invasive procedure. With the use of high intensity, focused ultrasound, body fat can be destroyed in a controllable fashion. The use of directed ultrasound energy allows for the destruction of fatty tissues without harming the surrounding tissue or the need for surgery of any kind. Other techniques may include the use of lasers or radiofrequencies, however, these methods leave much of the energy absorbed or scattered near the skins surface, giving only temporary results. Liposonix use of high intensity ultrasound ensures both penetrating beyond skin depth, and also permanent removal of the fat that is targeted.

Patients will experience very little, or in most cases, no down time. Many patients immediately return to their normal daily activities. The Liposonix treatment is a one hour session in which problem areas such as the waistline can have fatty tissues directly targeted and eliminated, allowing the body to then remove them in a natural fashion. Results are permanent, as the fat is not tucked or displaced in some other fashion. However, it should be known that Liposonix is not intended for drastic weight loss, or as a substitute for exercise and proper diet. Liposonix is intended for those who may have a bit of a tummy roll, or possibly some flab in the love handle area. As advertised, they offer the loss of a clothing size, or one inch from the waistline. As with any medical procedure, it must be decided if the treatment fits the individual.

If a person should believe that they would benefit from this procedure, then of course they should contact the Adoro Medical Spa in order to evaluate their personal situation and needs. As a final note that should be mentioned, Liposonix will not reduce blood cholesterol or other lipid levels, so any treatment that is undergone in regard to those matters should be continued as directed by a physician.

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